Pillar is a team of passionate designers, developers and artists working in print and
digital. We collaborate with clients to establish bold, effective identities.

From a diameter of 0,8mm to 450mm which we carry out on:

  • ✔ Swiss type automat lathes
  • ✔ CNC lathes with one or two heads (with and without C-axis)
  • ✔ CNC lathes with bar feeder
  • ✔ Multitasking lathe with 8-axes
  • ✔ Universal lathes


With more than 50 CNC machines and the same number of universal machines we are capable of processing some 10 tons of material per week (mainly aluminum, stainless steel, tooling steel, brass, bronze and plastics). Also, Unimet machine superalloys like inconel, hastelloy or titanium. Unimet is specialized in turning, milling, and sheet metal processing